YasTech Summer Tour Series Part 4: Megan’s Gettin Hitched!


Welcome back to our Summer Tour everybody! With this fun series we are following around our YasTech team on their summer vacations. Our team has some pretty amazing summer plans scoped out and we are excited to share some of the best pits, peaks, tips, and pics with you all!

Last time we heard about Mike’s trip to the Rockies. This was definitely a scenic trip for our little YasTech mascots (Brooklyn & Ty), who were seeing the mountains for their first time!

Next up is… me (Megan)! I had a super awesome trip to the Shuswap. I caught up with tons of my family and friends and brought back some very exciting news to the office! Check out my trip below (not switching to third person though…that would just be weird).

Edition 4: Megan Wingate

shuswap lake

Name: Megan Wingate
Position: Sales & Marketing Manager
# of Days on Holidays: 9
KM’s from YasTech Headquarters: 1,200 km

Where did you go on your holiday?

Shuswap Lake
Johnson Lake

What was the pit and peak of your trip?

Pit: Leaving! Even though the weather wasn’t the hottest, it is always hard to leave behind your friends and family.

Peak: Getting engaged to my best friend! Though the proposal itself was a little dicey (having to crawl up a slippery waterfall and carry a ring in his pocket while we swam out to it). He gets crafty points for thinking ahead and bringing a zip-lock sandwich bag to protect the merchandise.



What was the best thing you ate or drank on the trip?

Favourite meal:Peter’s Pasta! This is a little local jem in Kamloops. True to its name, Peter, who hails from Italy, truly makes the best pasta I have ever had. But almost as good as his pasta is the homemade salad dressing. You can literally look around the restaurant at any time and see people licking their plates clean. When salad makes you lick your plate… you know you are doing something right.
Favourite drink: Beer and OJ. How can you go wrong with that?

What was the one MUST DO thing you did on this trip (that you would recommend to others)? 

Definitely go check out Johnson Lake. It is so quiet and peaceful. There are no public beaches and very little development near by. The water is crystal clear and it is absolutely beautiful. A great place to relax and break away from the typical hustle and bustle lifestyle.


Did you check off any of your ‘bucket list’ items on your trip?

Yes! I am getting married!
Oh and also… had my champagne birthday! 26th on the 26th! That only happens once in a lifetime!

Who did you travel with or to see?

I traveled with my fiancé Cory (ha! that’s fun to say). We visited with tons of family and friends along the way. I even managed to catch my good friend’s wedding in Vernon.


How did you get there?

We flew from Saskatoon, but once we arrived in Kamloops we road tripped all over.

On our trip to Johnson Lake I got so excited to hang with my friend and sister that we may have forgotten about getting gas (apparently that is a necessary part of a successful road trip). Luckily we came across an old town in right in the nick of time to keep our road trip rockin.

Meme that best sums up your trip:


Books read/Netflix series devoured:

Book 5 of the Crossfire Series by Sylvia Day.

How would you rate your trip on a scale of 1-10?



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