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Hello, my name is Zack and I’m the Project Manager here at Yas. When you book a consultation, fill out a contact form, or even call us, chances are good that you’ll be talking to me personally. Let’s get to know each other!

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A website alone can’t always increase leads and sales without a supplementary marketing strategy, but we want to make it a no-brainer for every customer that does land on your website to make a purchase or fill out a contact form–whatever your goal may be.

Digital Marketing seems to change weekly. Between new technology, new strategies, and those dreaded algorithm updates (you know the ones), how is a busy business owner supposed to keep up?

Branding begins with your company’s Values, Mission, and Vision. You want to create a consistent brand that your customers and employees support and love. The consistency they’re looking for means that your brand is the same time after time. Big corporations nail this; when you get your morning coffee, are things ever… different? No!

For every Calgary web design project, an ecommerce website is a completely different beast and needs to be treated as such. We’re going to go through all the same processes as our custom design, but now we’re getting into the nitty gritty of how your shopper thinks.