Frequently Asked

About Yas

Can you help me build my own site?

  • We would be more than happy to act as a resource to help you create your own perfect website. We can provide you with strategy consulting and an instance of WordPress to develop on as needed. Our philosophy is that wherever you build your website, we want to make sure you have the necessary tools for success.
  • Set yourself up for success with our Yas Strategy Workbook: Download Workbook Now

Who is the ideal client for Yas?

  • The ideal client for Yas is a medium to large business with a marketing team that’s able to dedicate several hours of collaboration with us throughout the content, design, and development processes.
  • We’re also excited about working with smaller clients or startups who are hungry for success and highly motivated.

Do you accept every client?

  • Absolutely not. We work with driven clients who are willing to be heavily involved in our process. We believe that the correct level of strategy can’t be reached with a “do it for me” solution, so this is extremely important to us.

What is your payment structure?

  • We generally handle payment in 50% up front, 30% before development, and the last 20% at the time of launch.

What is the cost for a new website?

  • A strategy-driven multi-page website from Yas starts at $8,000 and will depend on your unique needs and wants.

Can we meet face to face?

  • Yes! We prefer to have our initial meetings with you and your team face to face to ensure maximum understanding as we develop your strategy. If location and schedules are an issue, we can also supplement our process with video meetings.

Will I have a project manager assigned to me?

  • Absolutely! We’re a fast-growing team who prides ourselves in our lightning-fast response times and ability to work flexibly with your schedule.

How do you track ROI for your projects?

  • We set up Google Analytics with every project we complete, which provides you with information about clicks, conversions, bounce rate, etc.

What’s your timeline for creating a new website?

  • Our most involved clients can turn their website projects around in approximately 6-8 weeks, but we’re willing to take as much time as you need to get your content and design ideas in order.

What’s the difference between your team and a freelancer?

The difference between an attractive website design and a results-driven website comes down to strategy. The right fit for you will be the person or team who can best incorporate your values, brand, sales strategies, etc. into a compelling client journey built to reach a goal.

Where do you provide your services?

  • We currently have employees stationed in Saskatoon and Vancouver, but we’ve also met with clients in person or via video call all across Canada.

Content & Design

How many changes can I make without additional cost?

  • During our design process, we limit the discussion to two rounds of revisions. This is to ensure that:
  1. Your feedback is all together and none of it gets missed
  2. That the project doesn’t go over-budget due to simple changes back and forth. 
  • Changes to text and images can be made freely and easily by you at the end of the development process.

Can I use content from my old site?

  • You can, but you may be putting yourself at a huge disadvantage. Before recent changes to Google, things like the client journey and search engine optimization weren’t huge considerations. These days, your content needs to cater to Google’s algorithms or they won’t show you to their searchers.

How do I know which website pages I’ll need?

  • In our initial consultation, we’ll work with you to narrow down the pages you’ll need based on criteria like your goals, what your target audience is looking for, and your expected client journey. Of course, we’ll offer our industry insights on what’s necessary to reach your goals, as well as how each page works.

What’s your design style?

  • For the designers at Yas, visuals are inspired by minimalism, simplicity, and European aesthetic. However, finding the perfect fit for your content, strategy, and customer use-cases is our top priority.


Can my layout be changed easily later?

  • Yes and no. There are certain pieces like “custom post types” that are hard-coded to format a certain way to keep your design consistent; these sections are a little more rigid. However, regular content and image sections (90% of the website layout) can be edited easily in the visual builder.

Is WordPress more limited than a custom CMS?

  • Absolutely not. WordPress is an open-source CMS, which means anyone around the world can develop their own custom plugins. What this means for you is that we can design and develop everything you need without having to reinvent the wheel.
  • WordPress is known to some as a “template” platform, and it can definitely be used that way, but we use WordPress for our custom development because of its security and flexibility for our clients.

Which platform do you build websites on?

  • All websites we build, including our own, are created in WordPress using a visual builder called Elementor. This ensures that we have the freedom to create any custom design our clients require, but that the end product is as easy as possible for you to make changes and updates to.

Marketing & Branding

Do you offer photography and videography services?

  • Yes, we’ve partnered up with Sik Pics here in Saskatoon to ensure our clients get the best quality for their photograph and video needs.

Do you offer branding consultations?

  • Yes, we can meet to discuss all aspects of your branding including logos, fonts, colors, style guides, and communication guides.
  • Our designers are equipped to help you with any and all of these branding projects.

Do you offer marketing consultations?

  • Yes, we can meet to discuss your needs, as well as help you analyze and optimize your own SEO, Google Ads, Email Marketing, and/or Social Media efforts.


Do you provide training for the websites you build?

We plan for a 1-hour training session for all of our projects. Feel free to bring as many people as you like.

Do you offer any website warranty?

  • Every website that we create has a 60 day included warranty that covers all bugs and errors

What is your hourly rate for maintenance & requests?

  • Our hourly billable rate is $150/h, billed to the ¼ hour.

Do I have to host with your company, or can I continue hosting with my current provider?

  • You may choose to continue using your current service provider. The benefit of hosting with us is that we’ll have quick and easy access to your website’s files and database, should you require us to make a quick change or update.

Does your company host websites?

  • Yes, we use dedicated and secure cloud servers.