Juniors2010.ca Wrap Up and the Future

In the run up to the World Junior Hockey Championships YasTech Developments launched Juniors2010.ca, an event listing site for people attending the games from around the world. We’ve had over 3,000 visits from people all around the world including places as far away as New Zealand (Kia ora!) and Pakistan (Halo!). We’ve sent out over 600 tweets from our Twitter account to 200+ followers. We’ve been updating 350+ fans on Facebook with scores, trivia and photos. We’ve uploaded over 450 photos to flickr (of over 10,000 taken!).

Through it all we’ve listed a ton of local events and connected people with happenings around Saskatoon and Regina. From concerts at Worldfest to Rib Night at Bridges, there’s been an event for anyone and everyone who’s attending the World Juniors.

And while tonight’s gold medal game between Canada and the United States will signal the end of the World Juniors for 2010, we at YasTech wanted to continue building on the success of Juniors2010.ca in a relevant way for Saskatchewan.

Which is why we at YasTech are excited to announce TodayinSK.ca, an all new event listing site for Saskatchewan, focusing initially on the cities of Saskatoon and Regina.

For the time being TodayinSK.ca will continue to hold our coverage of the World Juniors to allow people to see pictures and comment on their experiences at the World Juniors. But in the coming weeks we will be transitioning TodayinSK.ca to focus on events happening in and around Saskatoon and Regina. So you can feel free to continue adding your events to TodayinSK.ca.

We look forward to covering future events for you with TodayinSK.ca as we’ve been doing on Juniors2010.ca.

Go Canada Go!

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