We’re Blogging Everyday (Almost) for a Month

It’s April, spring is (almost?) here and so we’ve decided to challenge ourselves to update our blog everyday (almost) for the month of April. Astute observers of the date will notice that we’re starting this challenge on the 4th day of April – hence the almost in our challenge. We also won’t be blogging on weekends – our blogging brains need time to rest!

Why Are We Doing It?

For our first post, I’m going to go through a few reasons why we are doing this. Our reasons might inspire you to do something similar for your business. If you do decide to play along, be sure to tag your post with #bea4april (Blog Everday Almost 4 April).

Reason #1: Practicing What We Preach

We, and many other social media/website building companies, often tell our customers that they should be blogging in order to generate interest in their companies and help Google find them. We can’t really advocate that for others if we’re not doing it ourselves, can we?

Reason #2: Exercise Our Creative Muscles

It’s not that we don’t talk about updating our blog. We talk about it a lot. Almost weekly. But if you just talk about it, it’s not really going to ever happen, right? Giving ourselves a challenge forces us to be accountable to the challenge – especially by telling the public about our challenge to ourselves.

Reason #3: We Have Something to Say

We consider ourselves to be knowledgeable in the area of creating, updating and maintaing a website as well as a social media presence. We’d like to offer our services to others – what better way for potential clients to find out if we would make for a good fit than reading about our ideas, thoughts and processes as it relates to marketing a business online.

Reason #4: Create Content for Our Website

The selfish reason we’re doing this is the same reason we advocate our clients setup a blog and maintain it regularly – to have fresh, new content for people to find via Google, Twitter, Facebook, etc. If your website was updated last in 2006, Google has ways of finding that out and will eventually go somewhere else for the information your site used to provide.

Wrap Up

So that’s a few reasons for initiating this challenge to ourselves. We’ll flesh out some others over the course of the month. A few of the topics we’ll cover include:

  • Tips to Help Your Company Maintain Your Blog
  • Why Should Your Business Have a Blog?
  • Can You Trust Your Employee’s to Blog For Your Business?

We’d welcome your feedback in the comments section or contact us if you have any questions about what we’ve blogged about.

See you tomorrow!

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