Google Ads’ New Requirement: Identity Verification

Google Ads Identity

I received an email from Google today saying “Start Identity Verification”. It took a bit of digging for me to understand what they were going for and why, so I wanted to write a quick article to explain it.

For the tech-savvy crowd, you can find Google’s Identity Verification official description here.

A brief introduction

Basically, Google’s going to start putting information about the advertiser under “About the advertiser” that will describe an ad company’s name and location. 

They’re doing this to improve user confidence in their ads so we (the users) feel “empowered to make informed decisions about the ads they see online.” -Google

Google Ads Identity Verification

Example Image by Google

What does this mean for me?

If you haven’t received the email from Google yet, you don’t need to do anything for the time being.

If you did receive the email, please follow the steps provided in the email to verify your business’ legal name and legal address, otherwise Google will pause your ads until this is complete.

This will show up for Google Search Ads, Google Display Ads, and YouTube Ads. The official Google article I linked to above outlines how they’ll be displayed on each.

That’s all for today; nice and short.

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