YXE Chiropractic

YXE Chiro needed a website that showed their company values in a clean and minimalist way while keeping a beautiful and bright web presence. We started by creating a colour profile using specific shades of blue and purple that are pleasing to the eye while at the same time not taking away from the surrounding photography and typography.

We then designed the elements to be very responsive and beautiful on all device sizes. Whether you’re on an Apple device, Android, or anything in-between, the website elements will be presented to you in a beautiful and seamless manner with elegant page transitions and a calming  user experience.

YXE Chiro didn’t need a complicated and over-the-top website; their clients needed to be able to enter the site and book an appointment as their first priority. Because of this, we made sure no matter the device you’re on, the ability to book an appointment is always visible.

YXE Chriro