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At Yas, we design and develop industry-leading websites, apps, brands, and more to ensure your Alberta business is cutting-edge with your marketing efforts. 


Our Websites Will Generate Your Business More Clients

Our clients can expect to see an increase in leads and sales through a unique customer journey built to suit your specific target audience.

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Web Design Calgary

Web Design

Here at Yas, we specialize in web design in Calgary, Alberta. We live and breathe custom design. To some, custom means anything designed without a template, but to us, it’s so much more. A Yas Custom design means we’re sitting down with you and nailing down the specifics you’re going to need to create a website that helps you reach a goal. Websites that look great are fine, but additional details like overall brand, target audience, and user experience are crucial to our motivated clients like you. We’re going to ask you questions like,

 – Is your model B2C or B2B?
 – What’s your target audience’s annual revenue or budget?
 – Are you satisfying a need or a want?
 – What’s most important to your buyer?
 – What key information are they looking for within the first few seconds on your website?

This is only a tiny portion of our initial conversation. Once we know you and your customer inside and out, it’s time to talk design! We’re going to take a look at examples from giants and award-winners in your industry to see trends like what’s been working for them or what’s one thing none of their websites have.

Check out some of these recently developed projects regarding web design in Calgary.



Great marketing comes from Branding, and great branding stems from your company’s core values. Today’s customers are looking to experience a consistent brand. That means they want to shop with a business that gives them the same experience every time.

How do you accomplish this?

We help you start with your core values. If we direct you in creating your advertising strategy and you hire staff based on a core value like “Reward Customer Loyalty”, that value will act as an anchor to keep your messaging and visuals on-track.

Let’s create your brand guidelines and your communication guidelines to ensure that everything you create must stem from what’s most important to you. If your branding stays consistent, you’ll build lasting relationships with clients and customers that can trust the experience they know they’re going to have with you and your business time after time.

Of course, we’re a design company so our services wouldn’t be complete without helping you through the steps of your new brand creation or rebrand—from logo design to visual marketing assets like signs and pamphlets.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

We offer several digital marketing services to our Calgary clients such as SEO & Backlink Building, Email Marketing & Lead Magnet Creation, Social Media Consultation, and Facebook & Google Ads.

The digital marketing we help you decide on will depend on your business’ specific needs, catered to appeal to your target audience and where they’re looking. Most businesses will benefit from running an SEO & Backlink Building campaign to get them as close to that #1 spot in Google’s organic search, but not every business has the type of content to appeal to large audiences on Social Media.

Email Marketing is one of the most valuable methods of digital marketing, but only if you’ve built a strong list of client emails to market to. This is where the Lead Magnet comes in. We want to help you figure out what kind of valuable insider-information or deals you can give away in exchange for a prospective client’s sign-up. Once you’ve built your emailing list, you can ensure you stay top of mind!



For every web design project in Calgary, an ecommerce website is a completely different beast and needs to be treated as such. We’re going to go through all the same processes as our custom design, but now we’re getting into the nitty gritty of how your shopper thinks.

We want to help you find out if they build a cart by browsing through the categories, or if they prefer to search for specific products. What’s important to them? If you sell food, are they looking for images of the nutritional facts? Are they looking to compare your products side by side?

Each ecommerce website is a puzzle. Built poorly, users will find themselves lost and overwhelmed. Built strategically, though, your ecommerce site will get your customers from point A to point B with the least amount of clicks -and- a heavier check-out cart.

Not getting found online? Here's our FREE guide on successful digital marketing

Marketing is a necessary step in every business’ growth, but we figured we could help you out with a Free Workbook full of the initial steps you can take to start getting more phone calls, more foot traffic, more contact form submissions, more sales, and more work to keep your team occupied and growing.


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