2017 NSBA Business Builder Award for New Direction

It has taken me awhile to put this post together, but back at the end of March, YasTech was humbled to win the NSBA Business Builder Award for New Direction.

The North Saskatoon Business Association states on their website that this award is “Awarded to the NSBA business that identifies and pursues a new business idea.” The reason we were in this category was for our online campground booking software called Let’s Camp. The development of this software, and its continued development, has been one of the key areas of growth at our Saskatoon based business over the past couple years, and it was great to be recognized for it.

NSBA Business AwardOur Let’s Camp booking system was first developed four years ago for a single park here in Saskatchewan. This solution solved the problem of a park manager spending weeks taking bookings over the phone and through email at the start of and throughout the camping season. Campers can now go online and book their own campsites and this frees up the camp staff to attend to other important park tasks.

Today we have over 20 parks in Saskatchewan that use our software, a handful in British Columbia, two in Alberta and two in Ontario. We are focused on continuing to improve the features of this cloud-based software and grow our market share across Canada and eventually the world. One key advantage we have in this niche right now is that there are almost no other Canadian based companies providing a similar solution. To learn more about this software, visit letscamp.ca.

YasTech has been a member of the NSBA for the past few years now and occasionally attend breakfast club meetings and lunch events, but have not been nominated for a Business Builder Award until this year. When we first found out we were a finalist is this category we felt that was recognition enough. When the award sponsor Quinn Magnuson of BDC called our name on stage at the awards night, I was ecstatic and humbled. We were up against some great competition in this category including Firebird Business Consulting Ltd., ProjectLine Solutions Inc., and Treeternity Memorial Forest.

Thanks again to the NSBA for this award. We look forward to continued growth and the opportunity to win more awards in 2018. As a small business in Saskatoon, we highly recommend other small businesses join this organization as it is an excellent catalyst to help your business grow.

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