YasTech Summer Tour Series Part 2: Travis is up to bat!

YasTech Summer Tour Series Part 2

Welcome back to our Summer Tour everybody! With this fun series we are following around our YasTech team on their summer vacations. Our team has some pretty amazing summer plans scoped out and we are excited to share some of the best pits, peaks, tips, and pics with you all!

Last week our Lead Developer, Muhammed, shared the highlights of his holiday to Europe! Muhammed is a very talented photographer in his spare time, so he also shared his full albums of each country (Egypt, Germany, Amsterdam). There are some pretty killer shots in there, so be sure to check them out!

Picking up where we left off, Travis is up to bat – literally. Check out what our Lead Designer had to say about his trip to see his beloved Toronto Blue Jays.

Edition 2: Travis Robinson

toronto blue jays

Position at YasTech: Lead Web Designer
# of Days on Holidays: 5
KM’s from YasTech Headquarters: 3,081 km

Where did you go on your holiday?

Toronto, Ontario
Oakville, Ontario
Niagara Falls, Ontario

Niagara falls

What was the pit and peak of your trip?

Pit: Waiting in hour and half long line ups to go up the CN Tower and going on the Horn Blower at Niagara Falls. (Whoever came up with that name for the boat should be fired)  Rookie Mistake: Buying a new pair of shoes not meant for walking around Toronto only to wear them all day walking around Toronto. My feet were killing me after that day.

Peak: As a pretty die hard baseball fan going to see the Blue Jays 3 times was definitely the highlight of my trip. Most notably, Bruce (my girlfriend’s dad) “catching” a foul ball. He’ll tell you he made this amazing one-handed catch, saving his wife from getting hit. In actuality, it hit a seat 4 rows in front of us then bounced across the aisle hit another seat and eventually fell right into his lap.?

What were the best things you ate or drank on the trip?

Favourite meal: The foot long hot dog at the Blue Jays game with all of the toppings. Grilled onions and peppers along with mustard, relish, and a few other toppings that I don’t know the names of but tasted amazing.
Favourite drink: King Size Bud Light. Almost 3 beers in 1. Can’t do much better then that.

What was the one MUST DO thing you did on this trip (that you would recommend to others)?

You must go up the CN Tower and stand on the glass floor. If you don’t get a little sick to your stomach looking down on the glass floor, you are lying.

CN tower

Did you check off any of your ‘bucket list’ items on your trip?

Yes. Blue Jays Game.

Who did you travel with or to go see?

Girlfriend and her parents/grandma. Also we stayed with her Uncle in Oakville.

How did you get there?

We flew from Saskatoon to Toronto. To get around while we were there we rented a car. As we are about to leave the airport from the rental car area there is a gate where the rental company inspects the vehicle and looks at your paperwork / drivers license. The lady says to my girlfriend’s dad (Bruce), “Sir, you can’t drive this vehicle!” Bruce looks at her and was confused like why not, I already paid for it and signed the contract. The lady says, “Your license is expired.” So my girlfriend’s mom looked at her license it was expired too!

In the end I ended up driving around Toronto.

Books read/ Netflix series devoured:

Rainmaker by John Grisham

How would you rate your trip on a scale of 1-10?


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