YasTech Summer Tour Series Ft. Muhammed

YasTech Summer Tour Series

Summer is in full swing here at the YasTech office, and we have been busy bee’s these last couple months. Not that we are complaining. Actually, this July has been our craziest July in our 10 years of business! Which is clearly awesome. Keep it coming Saskatoon!

Despite our hectic web development schedule, it is important for our team to enjoy some R & R of their own. I mean, we only get so many weeks of non-tundra conditions, right?

Though we will be showcasing many of our new killer sites in the upcoming weeks, we thought we would shed some light on our team’s adventures this summer.

Thus we are proud to present the YasTech Summer Tour Series!

Our team has some pretty amazing summer plans scoped out and we are excited to share some of the best pits, peaks, tips, and pics with you all!

Edition 1: Muhammed Salem


Position at YasTech: Lead Developer
# of Days on Holidays: 20
KM’s from YasTech Headquarters: over 10,000 km

Where did you go on your holiday?

Germany: Frankfurt
Egypt: Cairo, Alexandria, Ismailia
Netherlands: Amsterdam

What was the pit and peak of your trip?

Pit: Egypt was so hot –  above 40 C!  I also got stuck coming through the USA Border on my way back to Canada for more than 2 hours and almost missed my flight back to Vancouver.
Peak: Spent Ramadan with my family

What were the best things you ate or drank on your trip?

Favourite meal: Koushari
Favourite drink: Fresh Mango juice

What was the one MUST DO thing you did on this trip (that your would recommend to others)?

Visit Amsterdam and eat their cheese. There is A LOT.

Did you check off any of your ‘bucket list’ items on your trip?

Yes! I tried Fly Boarding. It was awesome!

fly boarding

Who did you travel with or to see?

I traveled to Egypt to see my family.  I went to Alexandria with one of my friends,  and met two of my friends in Amsterdam.  One came by bus from Berlin, Germany and spent two days with me.

How did you get there?

In all, my summer vacation took me on 6 different planes.

I flew on Lufthansa (love Lufthansa) to Amsterdam and then from Amsterdam to Vancouver on United Airlines.

On my way to Amsterdam from Munich,  there was an issue in the plane’s engine after we boarded, so we had to change planes.  I didn’t care much, as I was sleeping while they figured out the problem – more sleep for me?.

On my way back to Canada in AMS airport,  they asked if I wanted to switch to a direct flight but I since I had my friend waiting me, I declined their offer and stuck with my plan to try United Airlines ( overseas flight and short distance). Turns out this was a bad decision and I should have accepted the offer ?.  As I mentioned, I ended up getting stuck in the USA border control for more than 2 hours. After they released me I had to find my luggage and drop them then run from terminal to terminal in Chicago O’Hare International Airport. Once I arrived to the gate, just 20 mins before they closed,  they announced that the flight has been delayed.  The total delay time was 80 mins – Definitely didn’t need to run! ?

Your trip in a nutshell:

Spent Ramadan with my family, saw my friends and eat a lot of cultural food. Visited 2 new cities (Frankfurt and Amsterdam), visited new airport (Chicago O’Hare International Airport), tried new water sport in Amsterdam (fly boarding). Tried new airlines Lufthansa and  United Airlines (will never travel on that one again).  Tried delicious cheese in Amsterdam. Visited Alexandria and went to the beach.

Books read/ Netflix series devoured:


How would you rate your trip on a scale of 1-10?


Check out some of Muhammed’s favourite pics below!

If you can’t tell he has an eye for photography and it is one of his hobbies. Check out his full trip albums: Germany, Egypt, Amsterdam.


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