Wrap Up – Blogging Resources

In our kickoff week of Blogging Everyday (Almost) for a Month we’ve been talking about blogging and in particular, as it relates to your business. Hopefully you’ve been motivated to pick up the virtual pen and try out blogging for your business. For today’s post, we’ll list a few resources to help you on your way.

Places to Start Blogging

  • WordPress – We use a self hosted version of WordPress for a lot of our clients who want to incorporate a blog into their website. But if you want to just start out and test the waters, you can register a http://whateveryouchoose.wordpress.com address and start blogging right away. WordPress is what we recommend you start with as it’s very easy to transition from their hosted version to a version that’s hosted on your own website (i.e. blog.mybusiness.com) if you want to get more serious.
  • Blogger – The original blogging site that started it all (later bought by Google, and whose co-creators went on to form a little website called Twitter). Integrates well if you use a Google/Gmail account with their other services.
  • Tumblr – Tumblr is great for quick posting, and for a blog that incorporates a lot of media (video, photos). It’s got a great community, both business and non-business related.
  • Posterous – Posterous is similar to Tumblr. Quick and easy blogging.

Ultimately it is best for your business and brand to incorporate your blog more directly in your website, as we have done, by locating it at your website address (whether it’s blog.businessname.com or businessname.com/blog doesn’t matter too much). If you’re interested in adding a blog to your website, we can certainly help you get it setup.

If you’re just wanting to try it out and not worried about the look of the blog initially we can have you up and going fairly quickly. Later on, if you want help with the design/look of your blog (for example, if you want it to more closely match your website), we can help you with that as well.

If you’ve got any questions or comments about blogging, leave a comment or send us an email and we’ll do our best to answer it in a blog post in the future.

Next week we’ll be focusing on social media (Facebook, Twitter and various other services) and going over some of the common questions and concerns people have about bringing their business over to these websites.

Be sure to send us an email if you’ve got questions you’d like answered!

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