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Saskatoon Zoo Foundation

The Saskatoon Zoo Foundation tasked us with creating a beautiful website to reflect the natural beauty of our surroundings. Using natural colours, seamless transitions, and custom functionality, the Saskatoon Zoo Foundation’s website stands out from the crowd.

Early in the process it became apparent that photography should play an important role in the creating of their website. Nothing captures the essence of a place quite like large scale photography blended in beautifully with elegant typography. We tried to show the beauty of the zoo while also making sure the website was still functionally sound and easy to interact with. If you’d like to learn more about these processes, visit our branding page.

The Saskatoon Zoo is a staple of Saskatoon life. All year long events are happening within their grounds, which means getting the word out on these events plays an important role in their marketing strategy. Our custom design process allows them to create and change aspects of the website so that marketing is easy to manage on a moments notice.


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