Why We Completely Rebuilt Our Website After Only One Year

There’s a famous saying at Facebook HQ: 

“Move Fast and Break Things”.

This can be interpreted several different ways, but its most widely accepted application is that startups should encourage trying, testing, and breaking new things.

Reason One

Now, when it comes to our clients, we make decisions based on the things we read and the experiences and successes we’ve had, but in order to push the boundaries of the industry, we use our own marketing as a testing ground.

This is the first reason we rebuilt our website after only a single year. We tested a homepage with a navigation that was as simple as possible. While this strategy does work for a ton of local businesses, we found over the year that we had far too many interior pages to make this effective for us.

Analytics showed us that people were getting lost trying to go from our homepage to our services page to our website design page. Like this one, many of our interior pages took at least 2 clicks to get to and some also involved scrolling through the services page

Not only was that difficult to find, but it would also prove difficult to anyone returning to the site to have a second look.

– There were even times where I forgot how to get to some of my own pages. – 

This is the reason we recreated our navigation as a mega-menu with the ability to get to every page easily, without overwhelming our website visitors with long, cumbersome lists.

Reason Two

The second reason we rebuilt the website was that in the year since launching, we came across this extremely functional, easy-to-use page builder called Elementor. We still have plenty of things in our (and our clients’) websites that involved custom-coding, but when it comes to information pages made up of text and images, Elementor made it so our non-developers (like myself) can make super easy edits and even add new pages without having to add it to my busy team’s workload.


Just like Facebook, I try to move fast and break things, and rebuilding our website just a year later has made it much more possible for me to try things out and push all sorts of boundaries.

– There’s always room to improve –

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