Top 5 Online Marketing Tips for 2012

Hopefully you have procrastinated and left your marketing plan for 2012 until 2012. If you did, or even if you want to make a couple changes, here are our tips to making the coming year a successful one for you.

#5 Mobile Friendly Websites

A recent study done by a company called Net Marketshare shows that nearly 7% of all web browsing occurs on a mobile device. This number is predicted to more than double over the next couple years. Having a website that can be easily viewed on a mobile device is starting to become very important. Have you checked your site from a mobile device lately?

#4 Video

Videos are a great way to accomplish many things. You can create a video sales letter to help sell a product, you can record a video to help explain who your company is, or you can script a fun video for comedic purposes. Placing these videos on your website using Youtube can make it easier for your clients to find out about something, it can help with your Search Engine rankings, and if you’re lucky, your video can go viral and everyone will find out about you.

#3 Facebook Fan Pages

When people open up the internet, your website or ad doesn’t automatically appear in front of them, they would have to search for you to find you. But nearly 50% of people who use the internet on a regular basis, log into their Facebook account. That means, being on Facebook gives you a chance to get in front of people who are on the internet, even if they aren’t searching specifically for you. Have a well-planned Facebook presence can help your business attract more customers.

#2 Email Marketing

Sending out an email newsletter to your contacts on a regular basis helps keep your products and services top of mind. You can also use newsletters to educate your list and stand out as an expert in your niche. In my opinion, email marketing also has the best Return on Investment of all marketing mediums available today.

#1 Search Engine Optimization SEO

Appearing in the Top 5 or even Top 10 search results in Google or other search engines is going to get your website a load more traffic than being placed further down the list. Getting first page search engine rankings aren’t always easy, and can be a long term marketing strategy, but once you have the placement you want, it can really pay off.

All the best to you in 2012!

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