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Benefits of Having a Twitter Account For Your Business

In yesterday’s post we were all negative on Twitter, trying to make sure you think about whether you really need a Twitter account for your business. Today we’ll talk about some of the benefits of using Twitter in your business, as well as some of the tools available for managing a Twitter account for your business.

Communicating With Your Clients

Twitter can be a great communication tool for getting feedback from your customers. Posting some news about your business, a new product or a special and if people think it’s great – you’ll hear it. Or if people don’t like the direction you’re headed, they’ll be sure to let you know as well. If you keep a running search on your business’ name on Twitter, you’ll be able to find out if people are talking (good or bad) about your company and at least be aware of the conversation. Then you can decide if you want to respond.

Learning From Others in Your Industry

Twitter is a great place to find others who work in the same industry as you, only in a different location. Or keep up on industry trends and changes by being involved in the conversation going on in your industry. Follow some key leaders within your industry and you’ll learn a ton about how they work and new practices you could apply to your business.


Another way to use Twitter in a business is for promotion. Sales, specials, contests are all perfect for Twitter. But, and it’s a big but, you can’t be all promo, all the time. You have to figure out your audience, but it’s probably safe to assume that 25% – 50% of your Tweets can be of the promo variety. If your Twitter account is for your business, people following you are doing so because they want to know about your business – including promotions. The great thing about Twitter is that people will let you know pretty quickly if you’re blasting them with too much promotion.

Tools for Twittering

At YasTech we use CoTweet to manage our @yastech account. It allows multiple people to manage a multiple Twitter accounts much more easily than logging directly into You could setup a @yourservice account alongside a @yoursales account and have different parts of your company post and respond to customers.

There are plenty of Twitter clients for iPhone, Android, Blackberry and desktop/laptop use. Here’s a few of our favourites:

To Tweet Or Not to Tweet

So that’s a quick look at some of the benefits of Twitter, as well as a couple of the apps we use to check up on Twitter. If you’d like a bit more discussion on whether Twitter is right for your business, send us an email or call us and we’d be happy to walk you through specifics in your industry.


Social Media Week

Last week we focused on blogging: the hows, whys and tools of blogging for your business. This week we’re focusing on social media. We’ll be talking primarily about Twitter and Facebook – though the ideas would translate to other similar services.

Should Our Business Have a Twitter Account?

While every social media guru out there will tell you that you should’ve been on Twitter a year ago and if you’re not you’re leaving money on the table – we believe it’s important to consider whether it’s really appropriate for your business to be on Twitter. It’s certainly not going to be worthwhile for every business, so let’s take a look at a few of the things to consider before signing up for a Twitter account.

Do You Have Anything to Say?

Twitter is 140 character tweets from your brain. Or your company’s brain. While it’s not like a website or blog where once you start you’re obligated to keep fresh as content, you still want to make sure you have something of value to add to the community.

Do You Have Time to Have a Conversation?

Twitter isn’t one way communication in the same way that a radio ad, flyer mail out or newspaper advert. You can post a tweet about a special on widgets that you’re offering, and someone could reply asking for your hours that your widget shop is open. If you’re not listening and paying attention to the conversation, potential customers could get turned off by your lack of response.

Are You Prepared for Negative Feedback?

What if someone replies and says that the price of your widgets are still too expensive? Or maybe they say that they last time they were in your store, a sales person was rude to them. What is your policy on customer issues and how might you handle that level of direct feedback?

Still Interested In Signing Up for Twitter?

We’ve focused a bit on the negative, reasons why you might not want to have a Twitter account for your business. For tomorrow’s post we’ll be talking about the benefits of having a Twitter account as well as some of the tools to manage your company’s Twitter account. Be sure to send us an email if you’ve got questions about Twitter you’d like answered!


Stats and Numbers

Numbers don’t always tell the whole story, but it’s still important to look at when you’re evaluating a website (or product). In the last month our website’s ( top two referring sources were and Not too surprising since we’ve been increasing our involvement on both those sites as of late.

What is interesting is how the stats differ for each site:

Pages/Visit (when they came to your site, how many different pages did they visit – higher number is better):
Twitter – 1.34
Facebook – 3.71

Average Time on Site (how long did they spend on your site – longer time is better):
Twitter – 00:07
Facebook – 01:17

Bounce Rate (did they stick around on your site or head elsewhere – lower number is better):
Twitter – 75%
Facebook – 5.88%

So we could infer from these numbers that people who click on links from Facebook are a more likely to engage in your product/website/blog than people coming from Twitter.

It’s an interesting stat to pay attention to, but as stated above, it doesn’t always tell the whole story.

YasTech pitch: Have you looked at the stats from your website lately? Do you know how to? Get in touch with us if you’d like to learn more about how your site is doing.

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One More Video: Did You Know v4.0

We promise not to make all the posts on this blog video clips, but these are just too interesting to not watch. It’s a great way to get up to speed on what’s happening with technology and social media, even if you don’t have time to be involved with it yourself.

If you want to find out more about harnessing the power of social media for your business, contact us for more information.

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