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Simple Steps on Creating a Website that Sells

The digital world is moving and expanding faster than ever, with new capabilities and uses that we never dreamed possible. With so many companies going online to reach a wider audience and put their product out there, the web is becoming an as competitive – if not more – market than the physical world ever was. Everybody’s needs and wants can be satisfied at the click of a mouse and the touch of a button. So, with all your organizational peers popping up in the digital world, it’s time for a website. Here’s some tips on how to create a website that sells.

User Experience Essentials

Know your Audience

The first thing is to know the audience you’re trying to reach, and build the design and goals of your website upon your audience’s goals and needs. It’s important that your customers can easily navigate and understand your website, so in order to create the ideal site, you need to first understand your audience. Your website should be created with your customers’ goals and needs in mind, and not only the needs of your business, so keep a clear customer focus in your design ideas. Build clear website goals on what your audience will expect and want from your site. Once you’re finished building your site, you can use Facebook targeting ads (discussed here) to reach your desired audience and optimize your marketing budget.

Web Design Flow Chart

Provide Content that Matters

Make sure the content and structure of your website helps the visitors find what they’re looking for; don’t clog the website with unneeded content like too many images, videos, or excessive ads. A confusing site leads to an unsatisfied customer, so avoid losing customers by creating a fluid and user-friendly design. You can add bullets and paragraphs to help space out larger chunks of text to make it easier and more attractive to your website visitor. Provide the customer with all the information they want, but to help spread it out, put it under new links or “read more” tags, so they get the information they’re asking for. Your website doesn’t have any space limitations, so make use of that space to provide relevant content under multiple levels of detail and pages to give your client the best understanding of your product and services. Test your site with users who fit your audience character profile to understand your customers’ experience and reactions to your website, so you can spot the issues and stop them before they ever turn away any real clients.

Design the Site to fit your Business

The design of the site should fit the personality and character of your business. Know the image you want to put out into the world, so your customers can get a clear idea of who you are and why you’re right for them. Fitting your digital image to your real-world image will help give your business a sense of unity, and create an easily-recognizable personal style that customers will come to know and love.  By personalizing your website, you can create a web experience that will stick with the customer, and quickly turn visitors into buyers. Personalize your site by adding images and videos of your business, such as your staff, workplace, and events.

The Bottom-line

Create a recognizable and easy-to-use website that will help your customers find everything they need, and you will find that most visitors quickly come buyers. The website user experience is a crucial part to your online presence, as it can seriously affect your reputation in both the digital and real world. 68% of users leave a confusing website unsatisfied, and 44% of online shoppers will tell their friends about a bad shopping experience, so be sure to test your site before it goes live in order to catch any issues before they turn away real customers. Make your website fit the image of your real-world business in order to create a sense of unity, and keep clients coming back for more. Remember to keep your site customer-oriented, as meeting all the needs and wants of your clients is the best way to gain loyalty.

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