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Google My Business | Canadian Land Locations<\/span><\/h2>\r\nThe Canada-specific issue I\u2019ve dealt with the most here at Yas<\/a> is that Google My Business does not work with land locations. If your business doesn\u2019t have a street address and postal code, you will not be able to have a pin on a map for your business.<\/span>\r\n\r\nI personally worked on an issue like this for a few weeks and even though we saw examples of this working just down the highway from the business I was working with, Google\u2019s comment on the matter was \u201cthose must have been done by mistake\u201d.\u00a0<\/span>\r\n

Google My Business | Canadian PO Box<\/span><\/h2>\r\nMany of Canada\u2019s smaller communities still use PO Boxes rather than personal mailing addresses. This is also an issue that Google My Business doesn\u2019t seem to understand.<\/span>\r\n\r\nSimilar to the land location issue, you\u2019ll find that Google My Business won\u2019t let you create a listing without a street address and postal code here, either.<\/span>\r\n\r\nLuckily, there is one workaround, though it\u2019s far from perfect.<\/span>\r\n

The Option You Still Have<\/span><\/h2>\r\nIn both of these examples, unfortunately, having a pin on a map isn\u2019t an option for you. You can, however, use a personal address to verify the business listing, and then change your business to a \u201cservice area\u201d type business. This way, you can hide your personal address and still show up with a Google Card when someone searches for your business.<\/span>\r\n\r\nVisually, it will look something more like the following image, where you\u2019ll have to highlight a section of the map, rather than provide a pin for someone to navigate to.<\/span>\r\n\r\n\"\"\r\n

Claiming a Service Area Google My Business Listing<\/span><\/h3>\r\n \r\n

1. Go to business.google.com<\/a>, login with a valid Gmail or Gsuite<\/a> email, and enter your business name.<\/span><\/h3>\r\n\"\"\r\n

2. As you type your business name, check to see if Google has already pre-populated your business. This can happen if people search for your business before you\u2019ve created or claimed it.<\/span><\/h3>\r\n\"\"\r\n

3. You\u2019ll come to a page that asks if you want to add a location customers can visit. Click \u201cno\u201d.<\/span><\/h3>\r\n\"\"\r\n

4. Choose one or more general locations to add to your Service Area.<\/span><\/h3>\r\n\"\"\r\n

5. Choose a business category<\/span><\/h3>\r\n\"\"\r\n

6. Enter how you\u2019d like to be contacted<\/span><\/h3>\r\n\"\"\r\n

7. Now for the difficult part. Most likely if you\u2019re adding a business that\u2019s not already established with Google, they\u2019ll want to verify you the old-fashioned way\u2014through snail mail. You\u2019ll come to a screen where they want you to enter your business\u2019 mailing information. <\/span><\/h3>\r\n\"\"\r\n

8. You\u2019ll get a physical postcard from Google in the next few days (or sometimes weeks). Please note that your listing will not appear publicly until it is fully verified by Google.<\/span><\/h3>\r\n\"\"","date":"Oct 9th, 2019","excerpt":"Google My Business handles Canadian Land Locations and PO Boxes a little differently, though it’s an important tool for every local business. Apart from standard Search Engine Optimization practices, Google\u2019s […]","thumbnail":"\"\""},{"post_id":6516,"categories":[{"term_id":15,"name":"Marketing","slug":"marketing","term_group":0,"term_taxonomy_id":15,"taxonomy":"category","description":"","parent":0,"count":95,"filter":"raw"},{"term_id":120,"name":"Saskatoon","slug":"saskatoon","term_group":0,"term_taxonomy_id":120,"taxonomy":"category","description":"","parent":0,"count":14,"filter":"raw"},{"term_id":4,"name":"Social Media","slug":"social-media","term_group":0,"term_taxonomy_id":4,"taxonomy":"category","description":"","parent":0,"count":43,"filter":"raw"}],"link":"https:\/\/www.yastech.ca\/start-getting-leads-using-a-lookalike-audience-on-facebook-today\/","title":"[VIDEO] Start Getting Leads Using A Lookalike Audience On Facebook Today","content":"