Million Dollar Blog Project – We’re In!

We recently launched a new blog called bestpsdfreebies.com, and like every blogger we wanted it to be wildly successful. So before we started we did our research on how to create a successful blog, and while browsing through the Google machine we came across a blog called Think Traffic. They had tons of great advice on how to launch a blog and how to build readership, but what was most interesting was their “The Million Dollar Blog Project (MDBP)”.

For the MDBP, Think Traffic was going to build a blog from scratch and show everyone how they did it, and how they were going to make 1 million dollars from that blog. Wow, that sounds exciting. Maybe if we follow what they do maybe we can build a blog that will make $1000000000?

The second part of this project was that they wanted it to spawn other bloggers to make a total of a million dollars over the next two years. So we signed up and you can track our progress here http://thinktraffic.net/mdbp/.

On one of the MDBP posts they said, “people who keep an accountability journal consistently out perform those who don’t keep journals by a wide margin”. We are going to be keeping an accountability journal for bestpsdfreebies.com right here on our YasTech blog. Every two weeks we are going to tell you what we did on our blog, what we learned and what we are going to do next.

If you’re interested in starting a blog, or already have one, and want to learn about what we’re doing to create a successful blog, follow this series. Bestpsdfreebies.com has now been live for two weeks so here’s our first accountability entry:

What We Did

Before we launched our blog, we setup a landing page that allowed people to sign up to get notified of our big launch. We didn’t do a whole lot of pre-launch promo so we didn’t get a whole lot of people sign up.

The most important thing we did though before we launched was to stuff our new blog full of content, 15 blog posts to be exact. We wanted to make sure there was good content there before we started promoting it to the world.

Then on March 1st, we launched the blog. We spent most of March 2nd submitting news articles to design blogs notifying them about our new website. And then the traffic started to come. We continue to submit news articles to popular design blogs each time we post a new freebie, and this has been our best source of new website traffic.

Another thing that we have done was stumbled a few of our pages and submitted links to reddit. We have seen mediocre results from this but hope for one of our future posts to go viral.

What We Learned

This is more work than we first thought. We are spending more time trying to promote this site than we first anticipated, but it has been fun.

We have learned what our best sources of website traffic has been and have a solid list of sites we now post our new freebies to on each new release.

We also learned that it is going to take longer than first anticipated to build up our readership numbers. RSS subscribers seem tough to come by.

What We Plan To Do

Very soon we plan to move our RSS subscribe popup from our freebies page to home page. We had some issues with the popup appearing underneath our home page slider so we will work out those kinks and get it onto the home page. We hope this translates into more subscribers as our home page is the busiest page on the site.

We also plan on designing a couple exclusive freebies for some big web design blogs. There are a few blogs that are willing to post one of our freebies on their site, but that freebie has to be unique to their site and can’t be found elsewhere on the web.
One of the goals of this website was to create a platform for us to promote the sale of WordPress themes. Our first theme design is almost complete, and we hope to start on the development of this theme very soon.

Lastly, we are going to be working on a premium set of icons that we are going to sell on Graphic River and have a contest to give a few of these icon sets away for free.

Our Successes

Our site has only been live for just over two weeks now and you can find us on the second page of Think Traffic MDBP leaderboard. We are quite proud of this and actually hope to be on the first page by month’s end.

Over the first couple of weeks we have also made some great connections online and hope to continue to build relationships with other bloggers online that will help us promote our new site.

If you made it all the way to this part of the blog, thank you! You must really be interested in what we are doing, so stay tuned. In two weeks we will follow up with how we are doing and if we actually did the things we said we were going to do.

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