Job Posting: Writing/Communications

Yas is a high-end, energetic web design and development firm in Saskatoon, and we also own and manage a campground reservation system called Let’s Camp. We’re looking for someone to help out with customer communication (emails and calls) and writing for blogs, social media, and guides.

This is not a sales role. I stress this here because it’s always the first thing I (Zack) looked for when I was applying for writing jobs.

We’re hiring for this role because a growing need for support has taken time away from focusing on company growth and improvement.

Initial Responsibilities:

  • Responding to support emails and questions
  • Sorting requests into a to-do board (Trello)
  • Helping website clients edit their written content as requested
  • Helping plan and create content for social media and ads
  • Writing blogs on related topics that interest you
  • Writing guides for using Let’s Camp

Necessary Skills:

  • Excellent Verbal & Written Communication
  • Ability to Professionally Handle Client Conversations
  • Drive to Grow Your Skillset (A lot of what we do comes from what our team has wanted to try like recording video etc.)
  • Effective Organizational Skills

Skills That Are an Additional Asset:

  • Education or Experience in English, Writing, or Communications
  • Adobe Products & Design Talent (Illustrator, Photoshop)
  • Video Editing (After Effects)

Expectations of Yas:

  • Provide company laptop
  • Provide training, strategy, and direction
  • Competitive benefits packages


Salary to be evaluated based on knowledge and experience.

To apply for this position, please send your resume to Mike at