J & H Homes Redesign

If it’s been a bit quiet on our blog for awhile, chances are it’s because we’ve had our heads down working hard on clients’ sites. One of these that we recently launched was a redesign of J & H Homes – the ready to move homes division of J&H Builders Warehouse. Their previous site was working okay for them, they just had new brochures that they wanted their website to match up with for a consistent look throughout their marketing materials as well as convey the history and strong tradition of building great ready to move homes that J&H Homes has for over 40 years.

Old Design:

New Design:

The slogans J&H Homes wanted at the top of the website are not just marketing speak, they are phrases that honestly represent what J&H Homes stands for: By featuring large, beautiful renderings of the ready to move homes instead of just their names customers are able to, at a glance, see which home they are interested in on the /our_homes page: One week is too short of a time period to make any serious conclusions about their new website design and layout, but in the week since launching the new design a few interesting things have been happening:
  • They’ve seen increases of 20%-40% page views on most pages and as much as a 2,300% page view increase on key home design pages.
  • People are signing up for their email newsletter.
  • An 18% increase in the average time people spend on their website.
Be sure to contact us if you have any questions about how your website could be improved and help your customers find the information they are looking for AND the information you want them to find. Also, be sure to subscribe to our Email Newsletter or RSS feed.
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