I Don’t Have Time for a Website. Stop Bugging Me!

Ok, we will.

(Easiest & quickest blog post ever!)

Ok, we’ll push back a little bit.

It’s true that a website does require time, commitment and effort. Especially if you want a really great website that will keep people coming back.

Perhaps you’re busy enough as it is, and you don’t really want or need that many more customers. Lucky problem to have. But maybe there’s a way for your website to give you more time for your existing customers – or time for new customers.

This website is something we refer to as “static” – in that it doesn’t really change much and there’s no real reason for people to come back to it except for when they need to contact you. It’s a business card or post card for your business, on the internet. It will typically be less expensive to setup and have fewer ongoing costs/fees associated with it.

Basic Information

If you have a storefront or office that your customers come to, putting the basic information about your business online can help save a few phone calls. Hours of operation, address, contact information, special instructions for delivery, holiday hours and other basic information can help people decide when and how to reach you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The other page that you could have on a static website is a “Frequently Asked Questions” page, or FAQ for short. Ask your receptionist, sales team or whoever handles phone calls and emails from potential customers to track, for one week, the types of questions they get asked. You could setup a shared spreadsheet in Google Docs so people could add a check each time they get asked a particular question. After the week is up, take the top 10 – 15 questions and put those on your website – your business’ frequently asked questions.

Now when people visit your website and have a question about a product or service you offer, they can find the answer themselves without needing to contact you directly. Saving you time and informing the potential customer, thereby establishing your business as the answer to problems they have.

If you’re in some sort of sales related business, you’ll obviously still want customers to get in touch at some point – so you’ll need to make sure you don’t give away all the “answers” – but there will certainly be some solutions you can offer to save time on an initial consultation.

Staff Directory

If you’ve got a staff, having an online directory so people know who to contact for what can save on hiring a receptionist – or at least save them time. It could also save you having to purchase or lease an expensive phone system.


Getting feedback through a contact form or survey from potential customers is a great way to improve your business. And doing so on your website is quick and easy – both for you and the person filling out the form.

Set It All Up

Contact us today to get started with a static website that will save you time, and earn you more money. The time spent in putting together your website will be time you’ll save down the road.

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