How to successfully market through Facebook in Saskatoon

Over the years, Facebook has built many great marketing products which can help you grow your business.

While creating and posting content on a Facebook page is not going to give you any business results, using Facebook marketing products like Facebook Ads can give you great results in a short time. The only way to be successful on Facebook is to have a great marketing strategy, and a good budget for media.

set a goal

Before starting with Facebook marketing, make sure you have defined a clear business goal. For example, your goal can be to increase your sales, get app downloads, or increase the amount of paying customers. Any goal will work, but try to be realistic. For example, let’s say you’re a Beauty Salon owner in Saskatoon. With this first step of Facebook marketing, you make a goal to increase booking by 20%.

When the goal is set, you can begin to think how you might measure the success of it. Measuring is one of the most important parts of digital marketing. For example, you can use Google Analytics to measure online conversions, use Facebook insights to understand how much money you’re spending, and then compare the numbers to understand whether it’s cost effective or if there’s something you need to change. Measuring your success can even be as simple as using pen and paper to write down the number of calls your office gets. Using our example, a Beauty Salon owner should measure at least four things; firstly, money spent on Facebook media; second, number of website visitors; third, number of bookings; and fourth, money made from new clients. If you’re spending more on media than you’re making from new clients, then it’s important to understand why so you can tweak it to get the best bang for your buck. If the money you make from new clients is greater than the money spent on Facebook media, then you’re doing great, and might even begin to think about raising your media budget to get even more new clients.

Define your audience

After you have a clear goal and measuring system figured out, the next step should be to define your audience. Facebook gives you almost endless targeting options, such as location, age, gender, and even relationship status. As a Beauty Salon owner in Saskatoon, your target group may be 18 – 40 year old single females living in Saskatoon. Targeting is important, because you pay per click with Facebook marketing, and you want to rule out people who are not likely to pay for your services. By optimizing your marketing budget by targeting potential paying customers, you can show the ads to only the people who may become paying customers.

marketing solutions

The next step is to choose marketing solutions. Facebook has many to choose from, e.g. post engagement ads, which allow you to promote your post to specific users; news feed ads, which appear right on users’ news feeds; right side ads, shown on the right side of users’ pages, and many more. Usually solutions are chosen by the goal, but sometimes it’s better to test different solutions and see what works the best. As a Beauty salon owner, you want the people to visit your website and book an appointment, which right side ads might facilitate the best.


When the strategy is set, the next step would be to write and design your ads. Facebook allows pictures, texts, and videos, so it gives you plenty of opportunity for creativity. Be sure that your ad message is clear and include call outs, such as “Book now and save -10%!”. Now your ads are ready for the net! You can now set up and launch your campaign –
But it doesn’t end here.

What’s next?

With social media marketing, work usually starts after the campaign is launched. You need to measure your campaign in real time and optimize it, so that you make more money and spend less on marketing. You can try changing ads, updating information on the website, or playing with targeting options or budget. There are many different options, but the most important thing is to find the best combination. It is all about testing different solutions to find the best. For the Beauty Salon, a good solution would be indicated by more money being made from new bookings than money spent on marketing.

Read more about Internet marketing on our next blog post “How to Set Marketing Budgets for Facebook and Google”, or come visit us to learn everything you need to know.

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