How to Create a Successful Targeted Campaign on Facebook

Facebook organic reach for business pages has droped significantly over the past years. Basically, the days of free marketing on Facebook are over, but investing a bit of money into Facebook Ads can give great results. The most effective way to do this is to create a targeted campaign.

A targeted campaign means that you show ads only to specific target groups who are most likely interested in what you have to offer. These ad campaigns save you money by not showing ads to people who are not likely interested in your services. This kind of approach is possible only with digital media, as with traditional media, such as outdoor or print, we can’t really select the people who see ads, and therefor need to pay for all the contacts. Even for the ones that don’t give you any result.

For example, a pizza restaurant near University Campus in Saskatoon wants to increase sales by getting new customers. With Facebook Ads, “Pizza Restaurant” can choose to only show ads to Saskatoon University students. This allows the restaurant to save money on advertising and get better results.

Steps to create a successful targeted Facebook campaign:

  1. Define your audience. Think about who is your potential customer.
  2. Create your ad. Write and design an ad that tells people what you offer.
  3. Select your location. Select which locations you want to target with your campaign.
  4. People see ad on Facebook. If the people have your define audience characteristics, your ad appear on their Facebook page.
  5. You get more customers. They click your ad and go to your website. Best of all, you only pay when they do.
  6. Measure and optimize. You only pay per impression or click, so make sure that it is cost effective.

Coming back to our “Pizza Restaurant” example, there is no better way to advertise than by showing delicious pizza ads to hungry students between 10pm and 4am, and telling them, if they come right away then they can get 10% off, or a second pizza 30% off to urge them to invite their fellow students. Money invested into Facebook Ads would come back the same night, and if the pizza is good, then the students would keep coming back for more.

Here is little chart that helps you define your audience.


Are you already doing targeted advertising on Facebook? If not, contact us today and lets get started.

Read more about Internet marketing from our next week’s post, or come visit us to learn everything you need to know.

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