Do Number of Followers Matter?

Interesting reading in this quick case study of a Happy Cog Karaoke contest:

Taking into account that there are four of us in our group doing the same thing daily and cumulatively having the largest following on Twitter and Facebook, the results have been quite shocking and a little disheartening. Calculating the number of votes we get per day, it’s just over 100. Divided between four of us, that is 25 each. And seeing that I’m voting 5x for myself (one on each browser and one on my phone browser) each day, that’s 20 per day! Seeing that I have 31,815 followers on Twitter alone, that’s 0.06% of my followers that are actually voting (and that’s taking into account that people are voting only once!). Not to mention that I also got the infamous Gary Vaynerchuk to ask his 878,000+ followers to vote and my SEO friend, Dean B to sprinkle it through is network…which got us probably a couple dozen votes in total.

Emphasis mine.

While a karaoke contest isn’t exactly the greatest metric for follower support, it does provide an interesting data set to investigate how loyal your followers/fans are on social networks. As we’ve posted about in the past, visitors to our website from Facebook do seem more inclined to spend longer on your site than Twitter followers do but that doesn’t require any actual action step other than to leave a browser window open.

There’s an interesting discussion in the comments section of that post, including one comment from Erica that confirms what we’ve been seeing with our clients:

My largest asset is my email list. With ~4,000 people on it, it outperforms EVERY other method by thousands of times. Second is my blog’s RSS readership–though they don’t buy as much, they tend to engage.

But I can blast out an email to my list and get hundreds of click-throughs and replies in a matter of minutes. Don’t know what it is about email, but it really is effective, and at this point I think any online business without a list is doing itself a disservice.

Be sure to contact us if you have any questions about how your business could do a better job of engaging with your customers, including starting up an email newsletter.

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