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Can You Manage Your Own Website?

It’s the question you’re all here for. As we help you understand what it takes to properly manage a website in-house, please keep these kinds of tasks in mind:

  • Updating blog posts
  • Changing images
  • Adding new pages
  • Adding new projects
  • Adding new features
  • Lead generating
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Updating themes / plugins
  • Etc.

So, can you manage your own website? The short answer is “yes, of course!” However, the long answer is “yes, but…”

The but here is a big one, and it depends on these questions:

1. Is managing your website an effective use of your time?

Does this scene sound familiar:

You add “Create Blog Post” to your mile-long to-do list. Months go by, and there it is: still at the bottom of your list—staring at you. You’re too busy worrying about your bottom line, so it sits yet another month.

I see this all too often. If this doesn’t sound like you, though, great! Just read on to the next question.


2. Do you have the knowledge?

Managing a website is not something that can be fully learned in a one-hour training session. I’ll give you an idea of the types of knowledge you’ll need to have with the following questions:

  1. Do you know the ins and outs of the content management system your website is built on?
  2. Are terms like pages, posts, links, navigation, jpeg, png, sections, themes, and plugins foreign to you?
  3. Do you have to keep emailing your web design company and asking, “How do I do ________?”
  4. If something on your website breaks, can you fix it in a matter of minutes?
  5. Is this what you want to do to your computer after trying to update your website?


3. Are you equipped with the tools for hosting?

Hosting a website involves a dedicated server that doesn’t turn off. Do you have a computer in your office that can be on 24/7? What happens in a power outage? What happens if it floods?

We use cloud hosting, which makes use of different servers in different places to ensure as little downtime as possible. You can make use of these same services, but it can be tricky for a non-developer to investigate and fix issues that may arise.

If you answered no to any of these questions, you may not be equipped to fully manage your own website—and that’s okay.   

Hiring a professional web design team like Yas can take your website from being outdated to a revenue generating machine. Get in touch with us for more information by giving us a call at 306-249-9609, or emailing us at info@yastech.ca.


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Why Every Business Needs a Website

need a websiteOver the past 9 years of being in the web design business, I’ve heard every excuse as to why a business does not need a website or need to improve their website. This list includes, but is not limited to:

  • I have enough business, I don’t need more
  • I don’t have time to put towards a website right now
  • It will cost too much money

First of all I’d like to say to these people, “WAKE UP! It’s 2016”, but that does not explain to them why they need a website and how it would benefit them. So to debunk all the bad excuses out there as to why someone might not need a website, I’ve put together answers to each of them.

This post will also include why it is important to have a quality website. More and more we see businesses starting out with a free website (which isn’t a bad idea if you’ve got no capital at all), but in 6 months or less, many businesses that start out this way come to us to build it right. This is simply a waste of their time and resources. Getting a website done right the first time would have put them six months ahead.

Now on to the excuses…

Excuse #1: I have enough business, I don’t need more

This is my personal favorite and it also makes me smile.

Websites are not just for helping you make more sales. Although they can do that, and it is often the main purpose, they can serve many other purposes for businesses including:

  • Answering common questions
  • Directing communication to the right department
  • Employee recruitment
  • Investor relations
  • Client communication portals
  • Getting found by your customers in the first place

To expand on a few…

Answering Common Questions
How many phone calls do you get a day asking simple questions about your business like: What are your business hours? Do you provide this service? Do you do that? A website can answer all these questions. Even if you had a simple website with a home page that described your services, an FAQ page that answered most questions you get asked on a regular basis, and a contact form, most of the people calling about the menial details will stop calling and free up your time.

Employee Recruitment
We have clients whose main reason they have a website is simply for employee recruitment. Their website tells people who they are, what makes them a great place to work, and promotes current available positions. People then have the info they need to apply for those positions or submit their resume for future consideration.

Client Communication Portals
Creating a client portal is an excellent way to share files and organize communication with clients. There are other third party websites and software that can also help you achieve these same goals, but you often need multiple tools to accomplish everything you need to do. If you build a custom client portal onto your website, your options are limitless. If your website is also a sales tool, this brings your client back to your website where they may see something new that they might want to purchase.

Some people might argue, “Well I can create a Facebook Business page and post all that info there”. This is great, and you should, but what happens if Facebook decides tomorrow that they no longer want to provide free business pages or have any business pages at all? Your info will be gone and no one will find you anymore. Also the format of information sharing on Facebook, known as your “timeline”, is not organized in a user friendly/logical way like it would be on your website. It shows your posts chronologically based on date you post something. Do you expect people to scroll through 2 years of posts to find that one post where you communicated a particular issue/product info/etc. Lastly, your Facebook page isn’t going to rank well on Google if someone is looking for your business unless someone searches your exact name.

Excuse #2: I Don’t Have Time for That

no timeFirst, that is a completely invalid excuse. A quality website saves you time, not wastes it. With an effective website, you will actually end up having more time, freeing you up to do the most important activities within your business. Instead of working more hours or hiring more people to get everything you need to get done in your business, build a website. A website can effectively tackle the items listed in my first excuse and you can save your organization a lot of dough.

Second, starting a basic website now will pay off in the long term. You probably won’t get listed on the first page of Google just by launching a simple site, however how long your website has been online does hold SEO value when Google indexes websites. So, if your website has been around awhile and has slowly built up traffic, you’ll find yourself higher up in Google searches.

There are other reasons it will pay off in the long run as well. I suggest if you don’t have time, start with a basic one page WordPress website. WordPress is a content management system that allows you to manage the content of your website. This means you can add new pages and content when you slow down and have time to do so.

Excuse #3: It will Cost too Much Money

too much moneyI understand that a website is an investment and you may not have the capital to invest in a website when you first start your business. I feel that if you are spending any money on advertising at all though, you MUST have a website or else you’re throwing your money away.

Radio ads, newspaper ads, business cards, and brochures all become more effective if you can put a website address on them. I’ve seen this many times where new businesses hustle when they first get started by creating business cards and pounding the streets. They attend networking events, conferences, maybe even go door to door and start talking to people and handing out their cards. This can be somewhat effective, but if your business card does not have a website address on it, it becomes less effective.

Let’s pretend you only had one minute to chat with someone and you give them your business card. If they wanted to find out more, it is unlikely they are going to call or email you to start asking questions. People want to go to your website to find out more about you. You could be missing out.

Also in terms of advertising dollars, a website is quite affordable. Go back 10, 20, even 30 years ago when the main way to reach potential customers was the Yellow Pages. Businesses were spending literally thousands of dollars EACH MONTH for a decent ad placement. Considering you can get a quality website built for a ONE TIME payment of two-three thousand dollars, I think that is money well spent.

Lastly, as stated above, your website can help you save time. There is a price tag on everyone’s time, and as a business owner you probably wear a lot of hats and have a hard time completing everything that needs to get done in a day. Now, if having a website can save you X number of hours a week, how quickly will you see a Return on Investment on your website if you calculate those hours by your billable rate?

Your website can also be your most valuable sales tool. You could be missing out on much needed leads and revenue by not having a website.

The Importance of a Quality Website

In the last couple years there has been an emergence of free or really cheap, website solutions. Options like Wix, Weebly and Godaddy all flaunt their products for just a few dollars a month, but when you go with a service like this though you miss out on some really key features that can help your business succeed, including:

  • Quality
  • Experience
  • Results

Your website is most often the first impression any new client is going to have of your business. When someone Google’s your business and comes to your website, what reaction will they have? If your website looks like it’s cheap and poorly done, it’s reasonable to think that is the same perception they will have of your business.

In Conclusion

I’m going to leave it there for now as this leads into another topic that deserves its own article. Next week I will be sharing that post on this blog so make sure to sign up for our newsletter below to get notified of when that article is released.

The topics above cover why every business should have a website. Not every business needs a website for the same reason, but every business needs a website. I’d love to hear if this post has struck any nerves, or made you take action. Leave your comments below.

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How to Choose a Domain Name for your Next WordPress Site

As millions of domain names have been registered worldwide, and thousands of new ones are added every day, many new website owners face the question of how to find a good domain name for their next WordPress site.

Obviously, all good .com names are already registered, and owners set their domain name prices high. If you want a free .com domain, then you need to combine several different words to come up with something that is not yet in use.

Choosing a domain name looks like a hard task, but it’s actually pretty simple if you narrow down keywords that explain your website the best.

So, how do you do this?

  1. Start with brainstorming all the keyword ideas and writing them down
  2. Now narrow down the list by eliminated words that are hard to spell, not related to your site, are too long, or just confusing
  3. Pick a few words you like the most and start searching for available domains

You can use sites like godaddy.com or networksolutions.com to check if the domain is available.

Remember that shorter domain names are easier to remember and type. For example, johnspizza.com is easier to remember and type than johnspizzaandpastarestaurant.com

Also remember to think about what your potential visitors would type into search engines while looking for things you have to offer. By using words that people actually use to search things online, you can increase your web traffic by improving your search ranking.

For more information about choosing the right domain, check out this guide at firstsiteguide.com.

Lets us know in the comments what technique you used to find your domain.[wpep id=”1889″]

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What is WordPress and Why is it Awesome?

WordPress is a free, online open source website creation tool. It is an easy and powerful blogging and website content management system used by millions of companies, including some of the biggest brands in the world, such as Yahoo!, Samsung, TechCrunch, and more!

WordPress’s own definition is as follows:

WordPress is web software you can use to create a beautiful website or blog. We like to say that WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time.
– WordPress.org

WordPress first started out as a blogging system, and quickly developed into an effective website content management system with many plug-ins, widgets and themes to choose from. WordPress can be used to build anything on the web; the only limitation is your creativity and tech skills.

WordPress is awesome because small businesses as well as large corporations can use it. It’s a website platform for everybody. Visit WordPress Showcase to see some bigger sites that use WordPress. While WordPress is not only for small businesses, it’s still a great tool for them. Most websites in our design portfolio are created with WordPress.

So, lets go! Contact us and get your WordPress today.
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Our Newest WordPress Theme: Blaco

**Update** YasTech has parted ways with designer Michael Reimer and he has taken over the ownership and support of this theme. This is still a great theme and can be purchased or demoed on the Creative Market.

I am proud to present our newest WordPress theme. The name is Blaco and this theme is a beautiful, fully responsive theme built on a powerful framework. We spent a great deal of time working on both the frontend and backend of the this theme to keep it super clean and super agile. I feel this is a theme that can be used for almost any type of website

WordPress theme Blaco

Check out the sales page at on Creative Market to read about all the theme features. There are two really cool features we built into this theme to make it super easy for anyone to create unique content easily.

One Cool Backend

Our integrated page builder plugin offers many features that will help you create some amazing web pages. When you create a new page, just enable page builder, select your content layout and start adding widgets. We have built many custom widgets you can use to add content to your pages. You can drag and drop widgets in different columns to organize your content just the way you want.

page builder plugin

We have also used the Option-Tree WP plugin to build a sleak admin panel that allows you to modify almost any feature of the site including: fonts, logo, header, footer styles, social media, sliders and more.

To help display these features, we put together demo videos for both our Page Builder and Theme Options Panel.

Theme Demo

**UPDATE: Demo may no longer be accessible**

We can go on and on about this theme, but the best way to experience it is to check out the demo.


If you are looking for a flexible, robust theme with tons of options, then this theme is for you. Or you may know someone that is looking for a great theme for their site, tell them about Blaco and all it has to offer.

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Premium WordPress Theme for Sale – Creativio

**UPDATE: This wordpress theme is no longer available for sale. To find out more about our WordPress design services check out our Web Design page.

Everyone is after that perfect website. One that has a cool slider, multiple page layouts, dynamic portfolio, an easy to use admin panel, and of course, stunning good looks. Well all these things are now available in one theme, Creativio.

Creativio WordPress theme

This WordPress theme is jam packed full of features, and best of all, you don’t need any web development skills to customize it to your liking. Some of the top features include:

  • Filterable Porftolio with Pagination
  • Many Custom Widgets including Twitter, Flickr & Recent Work
  • International Language Support (contains .po / .mo files)
  • Multiple Post Formats including Images, Galleries, Standard, Audio, Video
  • Built-in shortcodes including columns, buttons, toggles, tabs, alerts, headings and more
  • 3 Home Page Styles
  • Flexible Theme Options Panel
  • Powerful Slider
  • Like Counter for Portfolio & Blog Items
  • Great help and theme support files

The best part of this whole post is that this theme is ONLY $35. Yup, that’s right, it is a steal. Follow the link below to view a demo of this theme and to purchase your copy today.

Like this theme but need help installing and setting up? We can help. Just contact us and we would be happy to get your website setup with this theme.

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