Case Study: The Health Food Store Where Everyone Wants More | Sweet & Sprouted

Sweet & Sprouted’s Incredible 1% Bounce Rate

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Sweet & Sprouted’s website is a gorgeous ecommerce destination serving an average of 3,600 users per month (and growing). Despite the website’s steady traffic, the really incredible thing to look at is that only 1% of those viewers are leaving without interacting.

Google’s Bounce Rate, for those of you who are unfamiliar, measures how many users leave a website before performing an action that sends information to analytics. These actions would be button clicks, other pages visited, videos watched, etc. The higher your bounce rate is, the more people are leaving your website without doing something.

To put this in perspective, this article published by ConversionXL shows that the average bounce rates of landing pages is usually between 60% and 90%, while the average of ecommerce pages is generally between 20% and 45%. Of course, this will also vary from industry to industry, as well as countless other variable factors.

Sweet & Sprouted Mobile website

What makes Sweet & Sprouted so special? One look at their website will give you a pretty good idea. Let’s break it down.

  1. Consistent Imagery – So many things come down to Branding. This is the part that so many ecommerce sites get wrong. When you’re dealing with different products from different manufacturers, taking the extra time to make sure the product photos are roughly the same size on the same background is a game changer. You won’t get the feeling that anything is “out of place” here.
  2. They know their audience – Sweet & Sprouted really listens to their customers and has been able to figure out what they want to see. Their effective customer journey includes the ability to shop by categories, lifestyles, and brands, and they’ve also included quick-links to the most popular categories. If you’re looking for healthy food, snacks, and supplements, you’ll be connected with the right thing in seconds.
Sweet & Sprouted mockups

All of Sweet & Sprouted’s efforts have grown a fantastic presence that does a great job of creating customer engagement organically. Their customers are so engaged and excited that word-of-mouth marketing has been one of their greatest tools.

At the same time, Sweet & Sprouted is smart enough to know you shouldn’t stop marketing when you’re doing well. (An important lesson). We’ve worked closely with their team to create a catered SEO campaign to ensure that the well of new customer excitement and engagement never runs dry.

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