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Advantage Collision’s #1 SEO Spot in Two Cities

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Advantage Collision is a local collision expert in Saskatoon and Prince Albert. I would definitely say they have a competitive edge in their market because of the laser-focus they have on continual improvement and marketing.

When we first spoke to Advantage Collision about their marketing goals, the most important thing they understood was that they needed to show up first when people were searching for “Auto Body Saskatoon” and “Auto Body Prince Albert”.

Advantage collision mockups

Their Saskatoon keyword was the first we placed in Google’s #1 spot, and Prince Albert wasn’t far behind. 

From there, we discussed our strategy options going forward. The trick would be to make sure they maintain that #1 spot for their most important keywords, while branching into optimizing for new keywords. We’ve since moved other keywords to the first page, and we’re sure we’ll see them approach the top before too long.

Advantage collision mobile website

Not only has Advantage Collision helped us see the true value in being found first on Google; their marketing efforts go much further than that. This team understands that it’s not enough just to be found, but that they need to make a lasting impression, too.

With their gorgeous website design and fun-loving, personable staff, Advantage Collision is one place you won’t just find—it’s a family you’ll fall in love with.

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