Case Study: A Powerful Brand With All The Right Tools | North Ridge

North Ridge Developments’ 7,000+ New Users

Northridge Dev mockup

North Ridge Developments was a very rewarding website to work on. We helped them take their old design, which wasn’t as user-friendly as they would have liked, and create an effective home-buying hub.

Their goal was to get new customers on their website performing actions like browsing for homes, falling in love with their communities, and booking show home tours (their show homes are stunning if you haven’t already seen one, by the way).

When comparing North Ridge Developments’ 9-month period after the launch of their new website with the 9-month period leading up to the launch, they saw an increase of over 7,000 new users to this website alone.

Yes, New User traffic increased by a whopping 40%!

Northridge Home Listings site

Did the new website do this alone? Of course not! North Ridge Developments understood that just building a new website—no matter how optimized—wasn’t enough to get them the results they wanted.

To really drive their traffic, we worked together with North Ridge to run SEO campaigns, Display Ads, Video Ads, Retargeting Ads, and Intent Ads on their various websites including North Ridge Developments, North Ridge Realty, North Ridge’s Dalmeny Community, and North Ridge’s The 105 Project.

In fact, these ads saw a combined number of clicks reaching above 14,000 in 2019.

Northridge Home mockup

Of course, we can’t take all the credit. North Ridge’s dedicated marketing team worked tirelessly alongside us toward their goals. They were heavily invested in every SEO & Ad strategy, every design meeting, and contributed powerful graphics and videos to boot.

North Ridge Developments’ website has continued to evolve because their team understands that a website isn’t finished when it launches—that’s when the real optimizing begins.

Finally, North Ridge Developments brought a powerful brand to the table. They’ve spent years perfecting their Brand Identity and keeping consistent with it, and they’ve truly put into perspective just how important a brand truly is.

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