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What Will Your
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Uncover your Website's Trends

Your website has a lot to say. Do you know how your customers are interacting with your pages? Do you know how many of your customers leave after seeing just a glimpse of the home page? Using Google Analytics and Heatmapping, we can get a better idea of it all and improve your lead conversions! The main aspects we look at are:

  • Bounce Rate: In simple terms, the higher your website’s bounce rate, the more people are landing on your pages and then leaving before interacting further.
  • Heatmapping: Heatmapping involves using software that tracks where clicks are on a page and displays the information in terms of “heat”. The more someone clicks a link or a button, the hotter it appears.
  • Most Viewed Pages: We’re looking to find out which of your pages is viewed the most, and attempt to better understand their popularity in comparison to other pages.
  • Referral Sources: We want to know if most of your customers are coming from google, social media, or any other ad or link your website may be affiliated worth.

Free Services

*Must already have Google Analytics installed on website

  • One-time Google Analytics Audit of:
    • Top 5 most viewed pages
    • Top 5 least viewed pages
    • Top 5 highest bounce rate pages
    • Top 5 lowest bounce rate pages
    • Top 5 referral sources
    • Check for presence of goals or conversions (contact form completions, button clicks, etc.)
  • Give suggestions to improve bounce rate
  • Setup of 3 goals

Analytics Add-ons

*Prices and services based on up-to-date WordPress websites.

  • Google Analytics one-time setup – $200
  • Heatmapping one-time setup – $200
  • Google Analytics monthly or bi-weekly analysis – Requires Quote
  • Heatmapping monthly or bi-weekly analysis – Requires Quote
  • Added interactive functionality to improve bounce rate – Requires Quote
  • Content updates – Requires Quote
  • Custom Vector Graphics – $1000 for 3 images
  • Setting up applicable events – Requires Quote

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