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Still not convinced that it’s worth having a video on your website?

“We typically get up to a 20 percent increase in conversion rate on products that have a video, and also a lower return rate at the same time. It’s hard to put an exact dollar amount on it, but I would say that the videos have made a substantial difference by increasing our traffic, our conversion rate, and our sales.”

Lars Hundley, President of Clean Air Gardening from this article.

Video is something that can work on any site that is selling a product, not just sites about gardening. Imagine that you’re in need of a desk for your new office. You browse through a catalogue from a local store and see pictures, dimensions and colour options for a variety of desks. After deciding on one that you like, you go check out the store’s website to see if they have any in stock.

While that site is loading, you google the model of desk you’re looking at and come across another store’s website listing that same desk at the same price. They happen to have a quick, 30 second video tour of that desk. It shows someone sitting down at the desk, opening a few drawers, reaching for a pen, etc. You notice an extra drawer in a spot that you couldn’t see in the pictures from the catalogue. This means it won’t fit in your new office. The video gave you a better idea of how the desk looks and functions and prevented you from buying a desk you would have had to return.

Would you go back to the original store’s website/catalogue to find another desk? I’d guess most people would stick with the new site and enjoy the quick videos that help show what the desks are actually like.

Pictures tell one story about your product and are important to have, but video can help separate you from your competitors. It also opens you up to a whole new market that might not otherwise find you, but now can on video sites such as Youtube.

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