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About Us

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About Yas

YasTech Developments was founded in 2007 and has been dedicated to building quality websites and software products ever since. Over the years we have added new digital marketing solutions to better serve of clients. In the summer of 2018 we rebranded and shortened our name to Yas.

Our experienced team has helped to develop over 500 websites for businesses across Canada. We’ve recently expanded our market reach to new cities including Regina, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver. Of course, we can help you with your online needs no matter your location in the world.

As search engines and social media have evolved, we have been there to take it all in and use our knowledge to help our clients.No matter the industry, or the size of your business, we have a digital marketing solution that can meet your needs.

Yas Team
Yas Team

Our Mission

To help our clients grow their business by
  • Working With Integrity
  • Acting Selflessly
  • Continuing to Evolve
  • Representing Transparency
  • Striving to Innovate
  • Thinking Customer First
so we can be proud of everything we create.

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