5 Recently Released Websites

We have recently launched 3 new websites and did 2 redesigns for clients who are looking to grow their companies. Iverified.org, Brant Homes, Caliber Air Repair, Quality Hearing Centre, and Pure Elements now have a web presence.

Are you skeptical about buying something over the Internet? Nervous about leaving a deposit for an item sight unseen? Iverified.org can help. It has independent agents in thousands of locations throughout North America; and are recruiting more daily! Check out their new and trendy website.

Web Design for Iverified.org

This past month we got a chance to redesign a website that was one of the first websites we ever designed at YasTech. With over 25 years of experience in the housing industry, Brant Homes is committed to offering personalized customer service ensuring you receive the home you imagine, desire, and love for years to come.

Web Design for Brant Homes

Dirty ducts, done dirt cheap. Caliber Air Repair has a catchy tag line to go along with their flashy blue website. Check it out.

Web Design for Caliber Air Repair

Quality Hearing Centre is owned and operated by Ron and Jody Villeneuve. Since 2005, they have realized the need for reputable and caring hearing aid dispensers in Saskatchewan. They have expanded their business to include a full time office in Saskatoon and an office in North Battleford with weekly service.

Web Design for Quality Hearing Centre

Pure Elements is a local company specializing in all your plumbing, heating and electrical needs. They are a company with highly skilled young, innovative team of tradespeople. They are involved with many projects including spec homes, custom homes, renovations and design consulting.

**UPDATE: This company and website no longer exists but you can find out more about Pure from their Home Builder website.

Web Design for Pure Elements

If you have a website that looks dull or boring, or don’t have a website at all, send us the details and we’ll send you an estimate.

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