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Friday Biz Tip #6: How To Get Value From Boosting Facebook Posts


It’s that time again…#fridaybiztip time that is!

In order to help all the lovely Saskatoon businesses thrive online, we started the #fridaybiztip. Our goal is to give you guys an online tip every Friday (or at least most) for you to hum and haw over the weekend.

Let’s talk Facebook. I am sure everyone who has ever made a post on Facebook has noticed the little button that shows up below each post. Let’s talk about that little guy today.

FRIDAY BIZ TIP NO. 6: how to get value from boosting your Facebook posts

When used, this little button can result in an increased reach and engagement of your selected Facebook post. This means more views, shares, and potentially traffic and sales. First off, for anyone who does not know or has not noticed the little button we are focusing on today, let us introduce you!

facebook post boost

There, now that we all know each other, we can begin. Because boosting comes at a price, of course, we get many questions from our clients regarding successful Facebook post boosting. Questions like:

  • When should I boost a post?
  • Why should I boost a post?
  • What post should I boost?

We have also had a lot of clients do Facebook boosting without asking us any questions. Unfortunately, when an inexperienced person does this, it can sometimes lead to wasted time and money.


Today we will answer these questions and tell you how to ensure you are always getting value when boosting your Facebook posts.

1. When should I boost a post?

Fact: “Facebook gives increased reach to posts that perform well with your audience. This means that the more people who like it, comment on it, share it, etc., the more visibility Facebook will give it in your fans’ newsfeeds.”

Sometimes businesses have the mindset that they should boost a post because they notice it isn’t getting much traction on its own. Let’s think of why this might be… likely because your audience finds it boring, irrelevant, or uninteresting. This is the worst type of boosting you can do! Just because you boost your post for $10 a day does not mean it will get any more interesting or engaging to your audience.

Thus the best strategy for when to boost a post is to:

Boost a post that is already performing well on your page

You already know that people like this post. There are lots of comments, or maybe a few shares. Your reach is pretty decent or maybe even a couple likes! These are the golden posts and the only ones you should spend money boosting.

2. Why Should I Boost a Post?

This one is easy. The only reason you should boost a post is to achieve a business objective. These should be posts with a clear CTA (call to action). Business objectives could be different for everyone, but may include things like:

  • promotion
  • event
  • driving traffic to your website
  • getting more likes to your Facebook page

Basically, boosting a post should always have some sort of call for some sort of action from your audience, or provide an advantage or more exposure to your business. Boosts are not for random kitten pictures.

facebook kitten picture

3. What Post Should I Boost?

This is even easier.

We now know you should only be boosting posts that have been successful with your audience. How do you know what post to boost? Easy again! Facebook provides every business page with an Insights tab. Here you can find all sorts of data detailing your posts, engagement, reach and more!

Of course, you will want to boost posts that are somewhat timely (not something from years/months back). But the stats in here will give you a good idea of what post performed the best and let you know which would be the best to boost.

Here check out this quick video and you can see what we are talking about:

Well there you have it.

A foolproof way to ensure you aren’t throwing your cash out the window. Now you know the best tricks to ensure you are always getting value from boosting your Facebook posts.

Special shout out to Kim at Boom!Social who posts tons of great articles on using Facebook and other social media mediums.


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