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Hyundai PGA Scramble of Canada!

Hyundai PGA Scramble: New National Event Comes to Canada

We are very excited to begin our new partnership with Green Golf Designs in the development of the Hyundai PGA Scramble of Canada website!

The PGA of Canada is proud to announce the launch of its newest national event, the Hyundai PGA Scramble of Canada.

The Hyundai PGA Scramble of Canada is a new national series of events taking place at more than 200 golf facilities around the country in 2016, culminating with regional finals and a national final later this year… [Read more]

All ? Golf ❤er’s head to the website and subscribe to stay in the loop!

“This grassroots, amateur-level tournament gives golfers everywhere the opportunity to compete, play with professionals, and challenge themselves to raise their game like no other series in the country.”
Don Romano, President and CEO for Hyundai Auto Canada Corp.

Hey, maybe that could be you!

Hyundai PGA Scramble of Canada

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Our Tribute to Sasquatchewan


(n. originates from the hairy, ape-like creature Sasquatch. AKA Sasquatchewan)

After an NBA clip from the Utah Jazz game went viral last week we thought we should pay tribute to our province’s new claim to fame. As CTV reported:

The announcer, Jeff Wade, made the comment after his network colleague mentioned during Tuesday night’s game between the Utah Jazz and the Dallas Mavericks that Saskatoon-born Jazz forward Trey Lyles is the first-ever NBA player from Saskatchewan.

“Wow, that’s an impressive NBA fact right there,” Wade said. “Of course, that region (is) known for being home to a lot of sasquatches.”

“Saskatchewan?” asked the other announcer in apparent bewilderment.

“Yes,” Wade replied. “That’s what it’s named after.”

Sasquatchewan is born!



Although to date, there has not been many Sasquatch sightings in Saskatchewan, no one can prove that this mythical creature did not originate from the province that shares a similar name.

Check out our mini site honouring our dear mother Sasquatch!



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Let’s Camp Online Booking Software

We are super excited to announce the expansion of our custom Let’s Camp booking software!

Let’s Camp is a cloud based online booking system that gives campgrounds the ability to let their campers book sites at their campground online from any device!

How it Started

This idea first came about when St. Brieux Regional Park hired us to build their website and an online booking system form their park. While working with St. Brieux we learned a lot about how campground bookings work and a seed was planted. Then a situation arose that solidified our belief that we had to build this software in such a way that we could make it available to other parks.

Here’s what happened…

One of our team members here at YasTech was trying to book a campsite at his favourite Saskatchewan Regional Park. He waited patiently for the date when the camp opened for bookings. The process was still quite old fashioned, requiring him to phone in to reserve his camp site. Of course, since this is what everyone was waiting to do, all he got was busy signal after busy signal, leaving a message and eventually securing his booking 2 days later. As inconvenient as that was, he felt worse for the park employee, who had to spend hours taking manual bookings and accommodating everyone’s request.

It’s 2016 for Pete’s sake, we need to fix this problem. That is how Let’s Camp came to be.

Benefits and Features

Our system allows campers to book and pay for a site online. It also provides a comprehensive management system for the campground. Keeping track of all reservations, transactions and guests in one place helps parks to stay better organized.

The software is also completely customizable and adjusts to any park’s unique booking timeframes, logo, colours, policies, etc. Most importantly it saves both campers and camp employees endless amounts of time and frustration.

Best of all, Let’s Camp is a home grown product, created and designed by Saskatchewan minds. Did we mention it is affordable?

Currently we are helping a significant list of Saskatchewan Regional Parks for this 2016 season! Check to see if your favourite park is one of them. We have linked to the systems that are already taking bookings:

To learn more about this online booking system, check out letscamp.ca. If you are a business that takes campsite or even cabin rentals and you’re looking to improve your booking process and save frustration, contact us and we will setup a free demo for you to allow you to see all the features our Let’s Camp software has to offer.

Click here for a demo!

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