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At YasTech we’ve been operating with 3 of us (Michael, Blaine & myself, Chris) for a little over a year now, doing our best to help you get your bits and bytes online. Each of us brings unique strengths to what YasTech is able to offer our customers, depending on the project at hand.

Recently Blaine had expressed an interest in subcontracting his services to YasTech in order to be able to have more time for projects he had worked on through his own business, BK I.T., but still wanting to work on projects with YasTech.

After sending contracts back and forth through our teams of lawyers and negotiating what we will do with the mountain of Tim Horton’s cups Blaine left behind at YasTech’s headquarters, we’ve worked out an arrangement that will benefit all parties – particularly our customers.

So while Blaine won’t be buying coffee for Chris on a daily basis anymore (any volunteers?), he will still be involved in the design and code that you see (or don’t see in the case of the code) on your websites and other projects.

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Social Media

Pure Developments on Facebook

Pure Developments is a Saskatoon based home builder that YasTech previously developed a website ( for. Recently they approached us about getting their homes on Facebook.

First, in their words, what sets Pure Developments apart from other home builders:

We specialize in taking a different approach to building a home. Pure Developments is not your suit and tie builder, Pure is a young, innovative, hands on developer with a very educated team of local tradesman and suppliers.

We recently worked with Pure Developments to build their Facebook page that will allow them to showcase their beautiful homes to an audience that might not find their website.

Taking advantage of how easy it is for friends, family and clients to spread the word about Pure Developments on Facebook makes it a great addition to Pure Developments’ marketing efforts.

Be sure to contact us if you’d like to setup a Facebook page for your business – and also be sure to like Pure Developments on Facebook!

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